Mona Lisa Digital Restoration by Daniel Voshart.

Mona Lisa Had Eyebrows

Colour restoration based on the Prado Museum’s ‘copy’ painted by da Vinci’s apprentice.

AFTER AND BEFORE: Turning back the clock 500 years. Digital restoration beside Mona Lisa as seen at the Louvre.
MULTI-SPECTRUM SCAN: by Pascal Cotte, 2006.
MONA LISA PRADO BEFORE AND AFTER RESTORATION. Left: with overpaint. Middle: infra-red reflectogram. Right: after cleaning.

Digital Restoration Process

Mona Lisa digital restoration based on Prado copy colours and C2RMF scan of DaVinci’s Mona Lisa. Eyebrows are added back 50%. Shared to Wikimedia Commons.

Design | Cinematography | Criticism

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