Jacqueline Keeler’s Biggest Fan

Temporarily removed. An analysis of anonymous account @VedarHe.

Daniel Voshart
1 min readDec 4, 2022


(Update Nov 4, 10:50pm: A plausible name has been brought forward about a co-author to the account.)

(Updated Nov 5, 10:00am: The title, subtitle and body of the story has changed.)

The original version of this story “strongly suggested” that the account VedarHe, which likes, and retweets almost all of Jacqueline Keeler’s tweets (particularly the unpopular ones) was run by Jacqueline herself. The story “left open the possibility” that Jacqueline “shared the login information with a close associate”.

The wording should have been more cautious and out of an abundance of caution the story has been removed until a further analysis can be done


Daniel Voshart is a set designer, and forensic video consultant among other stuff. He is Métis to some and a “pretendian” to others. This is the third blog post about a seemingly anonymous Twitter account.