Ryan Mac at the top of Mt. Clickbait.

Elon Musk, Ryan Mac and Bad Faith Journalism

BuzzFeed News set a low editorial standard by releasing Elon Musk’s emails.

Disclosure: I don’t own Tesla stock but I do own a “Boring Company” hat. I like puns and it works well in combination with a company t-shirt that says “Never Boring” on it.

Elon Musk to Ryan Mac via Ryan Mac’s Twitter

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There is a hierarchy of editorial standards with Reuters on top and National Inquirer on the bottom. I would never use the label ‘fake news’ to describe the News team at BuzzFeed. Jane Lytvenyenko and Craig Ferguson do great work debunking ‘fake news’ in both playful and serious ways. (Note: In this article I make a distinction between the “News” team and regular BuzzFeed. Regular BuzzFeed gives the brand its pejorative).

Twitter DMs between Ryan Mac and I shared with permission.

Debate Me, Bro.

Elon is not in the practice of responding to BuzzFeed News and has never tweeted a BuzzFeed story. When BuzzFeed News writes a story, he almost never gives a response.

We All Live in Yellow Journalism

It’s not exactly a hot-take to be calling BuzzFeed clickbait. But let me clear up a few headlines…

“He can stick his submarine where it hurts.” Vern Unsworth. (July 15, CNN Money)
Verne’s letter to thai authorities nominating. NOTE “Rick Stanton” was directly corresponding with Elon about .
via Ryan’s Twitter
Via Ryan’s Twitter.
via Ryan’s Twitter

“You Fucking Asshole” — Elon Musk to Ryan Mac

Journalists were quick to rally behind Ryan’s viral tweet. The published story neglected to mention that he had spent the past few years provoking Elon in a barrage of shitty pop-culture tweets.

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