Publicly broadcasting genealogical quackery

How many can you guess on this print? Scroll down to find out.

Fifty cartoons reimagined as realistic portraits with the help of neural-networks.

Louvre’s Mona Lisa (C2RMF scan) split-screen with my neural-net restoration. (More youthful based on Islesworth painting. No veil, restored eyebrows, longer more natural curls)

Restoring Mona Lisa with Neural Networks

Neural-Network assisted reconstruction of bust and post-autopsy photo for Tamam Shud case

Maximinus Thrax; Gordian I; Gordian II; Pupienus; Balbinus; Gordian III; Philip the Arab; Philip II; Decius; Herennius Etruscus; Hostilian; Trebonianus Gallus; Volusianus; Aemilian; Valerian; Gallienus; Saloninus; Claudius Gothicus; Quintillus; Aurelian; Ulpia Severina; Tacitus; Florianus; Probus; Carus; Carinus; Numerian. 🖼️ Print available here.

235–285: Gordian dynasty and Crisis of the Third Century

Nerva; Trajan; Hadrian; Antoninus Pius; Lucius Verus; Marcus Aurelius; Commodus; Pertinax; Didius Julianus; Septimius Severus; Caracalla; Geta; Macrinus; Diadumenian; Elagabalus; Severus Alexander. 🖼️ Print available here.

96–192: The Nerva–Antonine dynasty

Galba; Otho; Vitellius; Vespasian; Titus; Domitian. 🖼️ Print available here

68–96: Year of the Four Emperors and Flavian dynasty

Augustus; Tiberius; Caligula; Claudius; Nero. 🖼️ Print available here.

27 BC–68 AD: The Julio-Claudian dynasty

Second Edition (v2.1): Roman Emperors of The Principate [Shown here at 2000x1337 pixels. Poster print file over 12,000 x 8,000]

54 Machine-learning assisted portraits

Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond VA on the left. Frame showing spitting officer shown highlighted on the right. Panorama from video stills.

Stabilized, HD source video show officer spat towards road — not ‘on the grass’ and not directly on the detainee.

Daniel Voshart

Design | Cinematography | Criticism

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